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HEAT to start work on new EU LIFE project


07/01/2017 | HEAT to start work on new EU LIFE project

HEAT together with the project partners ECOS, AHT, ait-deutschland GmbH and NIBE AB recently won the Shecco lead project on “Flammable Refrigerant Options for Natural Technologies – Improved standards & product design for their safe use (FRONT)” funded by EU LIFE Climate Change Mitigation. LIFE FRONT is a demonstration project with best-practice elements, combining two main objectives under the Climate Action – Climate Change Mitigation 2016 priority area. Firstly, and as its priority, it aims to remove barriers posed by standards for flammable refrigerants in refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump (RACHP) applications. As a second positive contribution, it increases the availability of suitable alternatives in those areas, by improving system design to address flammability risks to encourage the use of climate-friendly alternatives to fluorinated gases.

The project officially started in June 2017. For more information please contact