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About Us

About Us

HEAT has been operating as a consulting firm in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection since 1992. Since then, our team has been advising and supporting leading national and international organisations in implementing new policies, advancing technology transfer as well as capacity building. Since 2016 HEAT is part of the GFA Group.

Committed to sustainable development, we carry out projects both combating global warming and protecting the ozone layer and implement measures for energy conservation and environmental protection in developing and industrialised countries.

Its our mission to support developing countries in their efforts to transit towards climate and environmental friendly, energy efficient technologies in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector.

We are specialized in identifying and transferring policies and technologies helping save the ozone layer, protect the climate, speed up the transition to climate-friendly technologies and minimize the use of energy. We support our clients in developing and accomplishing projects for the phasing-out of ozone depleting substances (ODS) and the introduction of new, climate-friendly technologies. Our three core areas of expertise are 1) climate policy, 2) heating, cooling and buildings, as well as 3) low-emission mobility.

Our expertise spans a wide variety of consultancy services, ranging from policy consulting related to international framework conventions to training of professionals in the field of environmentally safe technologies.

We use a variety of different tools to help our clients reach their goals. These include emissions modelling and prediction, market analyses, drafting of inventories and road maps, implementation of demonstration projects, planning and carrying out of nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs), realising phase-out management plans for ozone depleting substances and greenhouse gases, and training professionals in the usage of green technologies.

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