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GFA and HEAT to host anniversary events


04/01/2022 | GFA and HEAT to host anniversary events

To celebrate GFA's 40th anniversary this year, we are hosting a series of interesting and specialized events. You can find the details on our event website. Our first event in Hamburg is being streamed live online, which you may attend.

HEAT is celebrating its 30th anniversary and hosting an event focused on climate change:

Responding to the Climate Challenge

Date: 25 May

In the historic setting of Königstein located in the midst of a stunning scenery at the edge of the Frankfurt Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region, we dive deep into a topic that has been at the heart of HEAT’s advisory services since 30 years and is at the top of the agenda across the GFA Group: Climate Change.

During this event, we focus on the opportunities and challenges for a transformation of the building and construction sector that aims at achieving climate neutrality through reduced greenhouse gas emissions. To this end, constructing new energy efficient buildings with less carbon-intensive, “green” materials and upgrading existing buildings to comply with sustained energy efficiency standards must be on the forefront of the global climate agenda.

We look forward to inspiring discussions with our guest speakers from Federal Ministries and from the international climate policy and research arena on questions around creating an enabling environment for zero-carbon buildings, technological innovation and a socially inclusive transformation of the building sector through policies, performance and embedded carbon standards, international emission trading schemes and other measures.

The event will take place in- and around our premises in the middle of Königstein’s beautiful “Kurpark”, followed by an evening reception to continue the exchange on the topic. Participation is by invitation only. A recording of the official part will accessible on our event website.

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