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The Blue Angel Ecolable for Heat Pumps with Natural Refrigerants


08/01/2023 | The Blue Angel Ecolable for Heat Pumps with Natural Refrigerants

Development of requirements for climate-friendly and energy-efficient devices for the Blue Angel

The "key technology" heat pump is an essential part of the heat transition and necessary for moving away from fossil heating systems. It makes renewable heat sources such as water, geothermal energy, and air usable while avoiding emissions that would otherwise result from the use of fossil fuels. The most environmentally friendly devices can now be additionally recognized through the Blue Angel ecolabel. HEAT, in collaboration with the Detusche Umwelthilfe, has developed the foundations for a new Blue Angel certification for this "product group" on behalf of the German Environment Agency. The requirements for the Blue Angel certification are designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by refraining from using fluorinated refrigerants in combination with energy-efficient operation of the heat pumps. Additionally, the formation of persistent breakdown products of refrigerants (PFAS) is avoided, and noise emissions are also limited.


RAL GmbH has now published the final award criteria at this page:

The project's interim report can be found at the website of the German Environment Agency: