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First LIFE FRONT webinar registers high interest in hydrocarbon standards


04/01/2018 | First LIFE FRONT webinar registers high interest in hydrocarbon standards

The one-hour webinar offered a clear overview of the project activities, including both those completed so far and future actions. A particular focus was devoted to the current situation regarding standards and barriers to flammable refrigerants within the European Union and internationally. The expectations and efforts made by the project partners within the standardisation process in this sector were also debated.

The project partners encouraged stakeholders to participate in project actions, especially by joining the Standards Action Group (SAG). This Group aims to gather around 50 experts with experience with hydrocarbon-based equipment who are interested in the development of EU and international standards for hydrocarbons. They will share their insights and expertise with the project partners and the other SAG members, contributing to some of the key deliverables of the project and enjoying a top-level exchange of technical information. Participation to the group is free and voluntary.

The event was co-chaired by speakers from several project partners. For more information on the speakers, the webinar and the presentation slides for download, click here.

The webinar was the first in the series of LIFE FRONT webinars, which will be offered throughout the project’s duration to update the public on developments and outcomes achieved.